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University Cafe is an authentic restaurant serving Korean food in Ann Arbor, MI. We have a wide variety of menu items, and all of it reflects classic Korean cooking traditions. Our noodles are crafted with care and all our dishes come with fresh meat, vegetables, and seafood. We also have savory ramen bowls and plates that you will love. You will receive rice dishes as well as side dishes along with your ramen. We want to make sure you are filled up before you go!
Another offering is a staple of our cuisine, and that is the famous Korean BBQ. When you come to University Cafe, you will find only the best and most authentic BBQ around. Our traditional offerings give you the opportunity to experience Korean BBQ as it is meant to be. The flavorful dishes are like nothing youve ever tasted, and there is good reason why it is famous the world over. Once youve tried it, you will want to come back for more.
Korean food has a rich and storied history, and we at University Cafe are excited to bring its rich flavors and textures to you and your family. After many years of toil and perfecting our recipes, we now enjoy serving you cuisine that embodies all of the wonders of Korea. We want you to experience for yourself the finest food of Korea. And, of course, we also make sure our service is unparalleled so that you can feel comfortable and at home with us.
If you are looking for something different and flavorful for your next meal, then University Cafe is your spot.

Try one of our delicious dishes today!

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